The journal PSYCHOLOGY is an "open-access" scientific publication of the Hellenic Psychological Association (ELPSE) which is published biannually. It publishes original papers in Greek and in English language and is indexed in the database of the American Psychological Association (APA) PsycINFO.

PSYCHOLOGY aims at the dissemination of valid psychological knowledge produced both in Greece and internationally, as well as at fostering the scientific and interdisciplinary discussion. The journal PSYCHOLOGY constitutes, since 1994, a reference point for all members of the Greek psychological scientific community, publishing original papers and special issues covering all areas of Psychological research

PSYCHOLOGY publishes original empirical papers, brief empirial reports, theoretical reviews, book reviews as well as, in special occasions, translations of foreign language works of great impact. (see, Instructions for authors).
The selection of the submitted papers for publication is done solely on the basis of their scientific quality and integrity. The journal PSYCHOLOGY has adopted a "double blind” peer-review model, protecting thus the identity of both the authors of each paper and its reviewers. The review process, from submission to final acceptance, usually takes about 4-6 months.



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